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Yugi is drawn into a card game that becomes a real struggle for survival, and he’s faced with having to save the world in Yu-Gi-Oh! A Yu-Gi-Oh! Party can be just as exciting, especially for older kids.

A cool Yu-Gi-Oh! Invitation would be a model of a key card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, on which the TV series and the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie are based. Ask your kid about the card game and find out which card would work best as an invitation.

Decorations can be “flash” art or Japanese style, such as Manga or anime, etc. The kids can actually do this. The color scheme can be taken from the cartoon. Balloons and streamers can build dynamics of the Yu-Gi-Oh! theme. Yu-Gi-Oh! posters and painting by the kids can add a special touch, too.

See the Yu Gi Oh Party Supply for all the needed decorations and favors.

Costumes can be Yugi and other characters from the story, or in the style of the story, with make up and hairspray. Let kids use their imaginations and freak themselves up and “get into Yu-Gi-Oh! character,” so-to-speak. Yet, another alternative is have the kids dye their own T-shirts in Yu-Gi-Oh!-style. The Yu-Gi-0h! soundtrack or some music downloaded from the Internet, say from a Japanese art site, will get the kids motivated.

Food for Yu-Gi-Oh! can really go anywhere. Something spicy (meat, potato chips and dip, stewed tomatoes, for example), may fire up the eats. Perhaps something Japanese, in honor of the origin of Yu-Gi-Oh!, might make a hit, too, especially with adults. Play with this! Combinations will somehow probably work best here.

Yu Gi Oh Party Game & Activity Ideas

Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game—Have one big game or several group games going. Winners of the game, or of each game, can win a Yu-Gi-Oh! prize. You can even play a game of your own design that is based on this. Ask the kids!

Drawing Contest—Provide Supplies and let the kids draw their favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters or Yu-Gi-Oh!-inspired characters of their own. Most unique and interesting drawing gets a prize.

Anubis Attack!—each kid draws one Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card from a bag or sack. The one who gets the dreaded “bad” card becomes Anubis. Upon your word, Anubis “attacks” the others. The kid with the “Yugi” card tries to stop him and save the world. Rules of the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game will be important here, so do your research

Yu Gi Oh Party Ideas Page

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