Winter Party Theme

Looking for a chilling way to celebrate? Consider a winter party theme! This fun idea is something you can put together easily, and one that will likely be a novel idea for your guests.

Keep decorations "cool." Use whites and light blue. Chiffon fabrics are inexpensive and are an easy way to add instant mood. Drape tables with white tablecloths and throw the chiffon over that.

Consider using a buffet-style serving. Place boxes underneath the tablecloth to add height and dimension, and add an ice sculpture in the center at the top. How do you do this? You can purchase inexpensive plastic molds in a variety of shapes! If this option is not available, any type of crystal or glass decoration will do. Even a bowl filled with Styrofoam snowballs will work.

You can also purchase quilt stuffing for very little cost, which you can spread around like snow. Cut out snowflakes are easy to make and look great. See the winter wonderland kit for all the needed decorations and supplies.

Other decorations to place around the room can include any winter items and attire you may have, such as skis, sleds, and ice skates. Some holiday decorations may work too, such as snowmen and white lights.

For food and refreshments, think warm and hearty! Provide hot chocolate, cider, or toddies for starters. Whether you offer a full meal or appetizers is up to you, but make aim for "comfort" food. Easy meals include chili, stews, and mashed potatoes. Appetizers could be something like mini quiches, warm cheese (such as brie) and crackers, or a variety of fondues.

See our theme party recipe cookbook for thousands of recipe ideas.

What music should you play? How about the winter selection from Vivaldi's "Four Seasons"? Anything cool and classical will work. If it's the holiday season, this type of music will work as well.

Invitations can be simple and elegant, incorporating anything from snow to winter activities. You can purchase a wide variety for little cost. Invite guests to dress in cool, light colors, or if you want to go with a theme such as skiing or ice skating, invite guests to dress accordingly (ski pants can get hot quickly, however!).

Have a fun winter party theme!

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