Wine Tasting Party Ideas:
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Wine Tasting Party

A fun and elegant option you can have is host a wine tasting party. This can be a great way to get your friends together and try new wines. While hosting a wine tasting party you are going to find that the experience will be amazing and give you the chance to explore some different wines of the world and have the chance to see how it tastes with certain food items.

Wine Tasting Party: Decorations & Favors

A good starting point wine tasting parties for this will be to setup an elegant setting. Consider finding high end lace tablecloths, burgundy and ivory place settings and portraits of Italy if you can.

This will help you to get the theme of elegance and quality out there. You may even want to find some old rustic furniture and companion items that you can use in this event to help your theme to get across for your wine tasting party.

If you have plenty of wine bottles lying around, you might want to consider putting a candle in them and using them as a candle holder. That will bring the wine into the décor and really have people take notice of your setup.

For wine tasting party keepsakes, you can take a cork and paint it in a gold or silver paint color. When that is done, you will then want to paint the name of the guest on it and then put it at their place where they will sit. This can be a great item for them to take home and it will give you something you can do with some of the extra corks that you will have around.

Other wine tasting party ideas include getting the birth year of all your guests and find a bottle of wine that was from the year they were born. That can be a memorable gift that they will certainly remember for a long time as well. Just be sure that you pay attention to quality if you choose to take this route so you can ensure that what they receive will be something that they can certainly enjoy as well.

Wine Tasting Invitations

Wine tasting party invitations can be a great way to announce your event and you will want to be sure that you get the point of the wine tasting across. Consider using a red wine colored sheet of paper and use sophisticated text to get your point across in the process.

For the décor, consider items like wine bottles, fancy cheeses and even wine glasses to add some character to your invitation. Just be sure that as you do this you take your time to consider all the variations that you can come up with as well for your wine tasting party. You just might find that some of your choices are going to come across better than some of the other choices that will be available to you in both text and clip art options.

Wine Tasting Party: Food and Drink Ideas

In terms of drinks, the different kinds of wine will of course be the most obvious things you will have. In addition to this, you are going to want to be sure that you have plenty of water and other drinks to choose from as well for your wine tasting party. That way, your guests are doing more than just consuming the wine.

Food will be important as well as well for your wine tasting party. For this process, you are going to want to look at items like crackers and cheese that can enhance the flavors of you wine. Brie is a good choice, as will some of the other options you will have. Be sure you consider mostly Italian and French cheeses in this process if you want to have some results that will certainly be noticed in this process. Serve your food choices on vintage vineyard plates and napkins.

As you are considering foods for your wine tasting party, you might also want to look at snacks that use chicken, beef, pork and seafood as well. They will give you the chance to explore how different wines work with different foods and you will be able to educate your guests in this process as well. Keep in mind that these should be bite size as the goal is to sip the wine and determine how it will combine with some of these foods.

Cake can be fun as well in this process. Consider a wine bottle shaped cake and use a dessert wine to make the frosting. That can be the perfect way to cap the night of different wines that your wine tasting party guests get to sample and it will certainly leave a lasting impression with them.

Wine Tasting Game Ideas

Party games at a wine tasting party can be a very good thing as well. To begin this process, you are certainly going to want to take a moment to look over some of the basic games people play. You can play wine trivia and touch items like where certain wines come from, their history and even what foods that they can be combined with to get the best possible flavor.

Another excellent choice you will have for a wine tasting party is to have people guess the kind of wine being sampled and even the flavors that experts say are in it. This can help your guests to understand wine even more and give them a chance to focus more on flavor, rather than just focusing on getting drunk off the different bottles that are offered to them.

Keep in mind that this is a process that can be a lot of fun for many people. Take the time to explore all your options and come up with the perfect event that will leave your guests informed and inspired to host their own wine tasting parties down the road. You never know, a wine tasting party could end up being a tradition for your family and friends look forward to doing as well.

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