Wine Tasting Party Theme

by Kathryn Thorne
(North Lakes, Brisbane)

Wine grapes are allocated prior to the event and your guests must purchase a bottle of wine made with their grape (eg Chardonnay, Merlot). They must get the wine to you well before the event so that the bottle can be bagged and numbered for the party. Type up all of your wines using the wine's name, year, origin and blurb on the label.

Then google loads of other wines from the same grape to mix in with the "real" wines. You should end up with 4 descriptions for each wine but only one description is the real one. Your guests, in teams, then have to taste the anonamous wines (your guests can't see the labels) and choose which wine they're actually drinking. EG. of the the 4 Cab Sauv descriptions for wine number 5 there is only 1 correct answer. It's advisable to play this game in rounds and have other non-alcoholic rounds in between or your guests get very VERY DRUNK very VERY QUICKLY!! This is the usual way our night goes:

Guests mingle and then form into their teams. They give themselves a team name.

ROUND 1 Champagnes and sparkling wines
ROUND 2 music trivia
ROUND 3 White wines
ROUND 4 physical challenge (can be as simple as musical chairs or musical statues - SO MUCH FUN WHEN EVERYONE'S A LITTLE TIPSY!)
ROUND 5 Red wines
ROUND 6 TV theme music trivia (google them, you'll find loads of all the old faves!)
ROUND 7 Ports, Muscats and Dessert wines (we'll waitress out the baby magnum ice-creams during this round - YUM!)

The night is hilarious! Teams are very competitive in the beginning and by round 7 no-one care cause everyone's so smashed! Warn your guests at the start of the night to pace themselves and poor small amounts to taste test so that there's enough for everyone. If your guests don't know one another, try handing out corks as they arrive with someone elses name on it. They're then forced to mingle to find that person and give them their cork and then they have to find their own cork that someone else has. Have a number on the end of the corks which represents their team number. Or an alternative is putting different coloured glow bracelets into a hat and have your guests draw their team colour randomly. When your teams are formed have them draw a letter out of hat and get them to think of a body part beginning with that letter. Have them call out the body parts one by one and then inform them that they've just chosen their team name! It's hilarious. We had Team T* and Team D* just to name a couple. This is a really fun night - it's a lot of effort but very very worth it. Don't forget to score each round and write the totals up on some butchers paper so that the teams can see how they're travelling. Get someone reasonably sober to do this! We also do prizes for best wine, worst wine and winning team. Have fun!!

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