Wiggles Party Supplies and Wiggles Birthday Party Ideas

by Ashley
(Charleston, SC)

My daughter is in love with the Wiggles so her heart was set on a Wiggles Birthday Party. The games are easy to find online but the food was tough because most kids don't like fruit salad with cold spagetti and hot potatoes. So, here is the perfect menu for the occasion!

The Food:
Henry the Octopus: If you slice a hot dog weinie halfway up the weinie from the bottom three seperate ways and boil it, the "legs" curl up and look like an octopus! These were a hit!

Wags the Dog: Cheeseburgers cut with a metal cookie cutter in the shape of a bone. Two per plate.

Dorothy the Dinosaur: Rice Crispy Treats were made with the fruity crisp cereal in all different colors and cut into the shape of a dinosaur with a sandwich mold (or a cookie cutter).

Captain Feathersword: Jello in all the wiggles colors were in ice trays. I mixed them up in a clear small bowl and put a feather in them. Kids loved the jello and the feather!

All of this was served on a plate of potato chips with red, blue, yellow, and purple kool-aide to drink!

The cake:
In true Wiggles fashion, it was two layers. The bottom was a rectangle with an edible Wiggles image (matching an iron-on that I put on her Birthday shirt) on it and the second was a smaller round cake on one corner of it with the Big Red Car and balloons cake set which I ordered off ebay.

I hope this was helpful!

Wiggles Birthday Party Supplies

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