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Play Along With The Wiggles!

The Wiggles like to sing along with the kids and make them feel good. A Wiggles Party will do the same for both kids and adults!

A fun invitation for a Wiggles party would be one that plays and sings. You can get a CD and find just the right segment to grab your guests’ attention. The process of getting it into the card would be a challenge and might cost a bit of money, but it would be punchy and effective. A sing-along invitation for a sing-along party!

Decorations can go along the lines of The Wiggles home, from the show. You can play with it. Your kids can help! You can have everything, including streamers and balloons, revolve around the four-color scheme of the show (red, blue, purple, and yellow), or choose your kid’s favorite of the four colors and go with it.

See the Wiggles Birthday Party Supply for all the needed decorations and favors. Costume-wear would obviously be a favorite Wiggle, or have everyone—kids and parents—where a combination or choice of only these four colors. You can even hire a local high school band, give them the outfits (red, blue, purple, and yellow shirts and black pants) and have them sing Wiggles songs. This, along with your kid’s favorite Wiggles CD, will bring the Wiggles joy to your child’s birthday party!

Food can also be in a Wiggles four-color scheme of red, blue, purple, and yellow. Serve the food with plates and cups having these four colors. These would match the Wiggles décor. One great idea is a three-dimensional Henry the Octopus cake.

The kids will really dig into this! The cake, surrounded by a sea of cupcakes in red, blue, purple, and yellow, will be an exciting Wiggles centerpiece for the food table.

Wiggles Birthday Party Game & Activity Ideas

Wiggles Sing-Along—If you decide to hire a band, the kids will have a fun time singing and clapping along to their favorite Wiggles songs!

Wags-the-Dog Pinata—you can have the kids break-the-bank and go for candy or some other little prizes.

Pin-the-Tail on Wags-the-Dog—Blindfold the kids and have them take a shot at pinning Wags’ tail back on. The closest wins a fantastic Wiggles prize!

Build an “Anthony Sandwich”—just as he does on the Wiggles show, you can have the kids build their own “Anthony sandwich.” This fun and exciting activity would not only get the kids and adults to be creative, but it can also cross over into the food. Have the food itself BE an activity!

Whichever way you decide to go, you’re guaranteed a challenge either way. Play along with The Wiggles and have some fun!

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