Wedding Shower Theme Party

by Yvette
(Superior, CO)

I threw this Alphabet-Themed Wedding Shower for my daughter in April, 2008, and I had several people tell me that it was the best wedding shower they'd ever been to. Every guest was assigned a letter of the alphabet and asked to be creative, using the letter for card, gift, attire, etc. The shower was a wonderful combination of elegant romance and whimsy.

Invitation: I sent a "save the date" email 2 months before the party describing the theme. Once I knew who wanted to participate, I sent a follow on confirmation with "letter assignment". (See invitation below)

I also sent this poem to make sure I received RSVPs from everyone.

Less than 2 weeks to go and I have a plea
If you haven't yet done so, please RSVP

If you're a "maybe" and there are quite a few
Perhaps you're in need of a party FAQ

If I don't have a letter, you ask, will you yell?
Of course not. On your forehead I'll just draw an 'L'!

I don't want to play. Must I comply?
I assure you you'll want to and I'll tell you 'Y'

When you're thirsty, you'll get to drink plenty of 'T'
And then, right after that, you'll get to go 'P'

The luckiest gal -- the one that's aglow
Will undoubtedly be the one enjoying the 'O'

I don't know the bride. What can my gift 'B'?
Instead of the bride, why not give one to me?

All kidding aside, here's one thing that's true
The thing we want most at this party is 'U'

Food: We had a different food for every letter of the alphabet, all very elegantly displayed and each with a name card emphasizing the starting letter.

These were the foods we choose, although there are several good alternative choices for many of these letters.

A: Angel food cake
B: Bruschetta
C: Cheese & Crackers
D: Deviled eggs
E: Éclairs
F: Fudge
G: Grapes
H: Honeydew
I: Ice tea
J: Jello Jigglers (shaped like hearts)
K: Kisses
L: Lemon
M: Merlot
N: Nuts
O: Oysters
P: Pinot noir
Q: Quiche
R: Raspberries
S: Sushi
T: Tart
U: Utensils
V: Veggies
W: Water
X: X-rated mints
Y: Yogurt parfait
Z: Zinfandel

Decor: I was easily able to make wine charms with lettered beads and earring hoops. I found pearled letter ornaments that combined the wedding elegance with the whimsy of an alphabet-themed party. There were flowers, candles, and romantic lights everywhere with the fancy letter decorations tucked and hung
here and there.

Activities: The main activity was the "presenting of the gifts". Each guest was introduced with a short music segment from a song with their starting letter (see music below). Then the person told us how they used their letter creatively in picking out their attire, their card, gift, etc. The rest of the
women would often comment with letter-appropriate adjectives (such as "Absolutely Adorable" for A or "Beautiful" for B).

I also had a Scrapbook with plenty of wedding shower themed and alphabet letter stickers and a Polaroid camera and asked guests to help create a scrapbook of
the shower.

Music: I create a Playlist of Love/Romantic Songs using Yahoo Music Jukebox.

This Website was very helpful in coming up with ideas:

I played a short clip of the song when introducing guests for presenting their gift and let guests guess the name of the song. I tried to pick a variety of
common love songs from different time frames and genres so that both older and young guests would recognize the music.

A: That's Amore
B: Beauty and the Beast
L: L-O-V-E
X: Xanadu

The guests voted on most creative use of letter and that person received a $50 gift certificate at a spa. Other guests were able to choose from several monogrammed favors including note cards, stationary, and journals.

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