Home Improvement Wedding Shower Ideas

Home Improvement Wedding Shower ideas submitted by Krista from Details Make the Party.com

Who says home improvement can't be sexy? This fabulous Home Improvement wedding shower amazed guests with all the theme related details.

First, guests received a zebra stripe and hot pink invite with a black bow at the top holding a miniature tool. The tiny tools were actually mini ornaments for small Christmas trees. The assortment included: hammers, drills, wrenches, saws and more.

As guests arrived, they saw the stunning zebra cake with pink rolled-fondant toolbox holding Chick Screwdrivers. Also on the table was a pink hardhat, pink ladies work gloves and a Cake Saw.

The guest tables were covered in black fleece with paint splats cut out of white vinyl in the centers. On top of the faux spills were clear acrylic paint cans with zebra print paper inside. A paintbrush was placed beside each can and instead of confetti, small shiny screws and washers littered the tables.

The theme continued on the food table as well. Appetizers were skewered on Bent Nail Picks and wooden Salad Tools that resembled wrenches were on hand to toss and serve the salad. In addition, there was a Pizza Boss Saw used to slice up he main course. The Bride-To-Be had to gear up to cut the cake. She donned the ink hard hat and work gloves and used the saw to cut up slices of delicious cake.

As a parting gift, small toolbox goody boxes were filled with gummy tools. Needless to say, it would be tough to improve on these Home Improvement wedding shower ideas.

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