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Webkinz was developed by the Gunz company, who are the makers of stuffed animals. Parents can purchase these little animals for their children and each animal comes with a particular card or computer ID number.

When this number is entered into the computer the animal that was purchased comes to life in a virtual reality world. Children are also able to buy cards that contain a special kind of bonus card that allows you to purchase new things for you’re pet online.

Since the pet comes to life online you are able to feed it bathe it and take it for walks as well as many other things. Pretty much all you could do with a real pet with the exception of cuddling it A person may own more then one pet it’s just a matter of buying another.

Kids who have a Webkinz party theme would bring their little pets with them and probably their collection of cards. The party is a way of having an actual gathering rather than just talking to people in the Webkinz chat room.

Kids have a chance to show off their pets and if you have a computer in your house, each child would have the chance to show the living virtual pet to her or his friends.

Webkinz party supplies for each individual and their pet could be put in a doggy bag with the name of the pet on it.

Cakes can be designed to look like the party pet and winners to games that you might play would be more than happy to win another pet or a set of cards. Webkinz party ideas are numerous and the amount is growing. There is even a virtual party that you can be a part of.

Webkinz Party Ideas Page

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