Valentine's Day Parties to Rock Your World

You don't have to be a fan of Valentine's Day to make the most of it. As far as we see it, any excuse to celebrate and spend time with loved ones is worth giving a whirl.

Whether you're celebrating your time with your special someone, celebrating your independence, or celebrating your distaste from commercialization . . . there's a bash for that!

Romantic Theme Dinner for Two at Home

Who says two isn't a party? If you have someone special in your life and you want a low-key but high-fun holiday with them, then put together a themed dinner they won't forget.

Why not celebrate the Medieval times with Shepard's Pie and a good bottle of wine? has an excellent database of authentic recipes for you to treat your significant other like a queen or a king.

Bonus! Deck your house out in candles and make a pledge not to use any tech they didn't have in the middle ages (i.e. no facebook or texting) . . . then let your imaginations run the party.

Potpourri Party

Whether or not your house is adorned with Valentine's Day flowers, you can still make a fantastic potpourri on your next girls night in. It's fun and easy to make, and it lasts all year long. It requires prep work in advance, but it's worth it.

Simply hang your flowers up to dry for two weeks, then put them in plastic bags with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and let them sit for another two weeks, and voila!

This is also a great idea for party favors— scoop your creation into sachet bags purchased at JoAnn's or Michaels, tie them with a bow and give your guests something to remember you by.

Girls Night Out

"Sex and the City" has almost been around long enough to make it vintage— and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to gather your best girls and get jazzed up for a night of martinis and gossip.

This is the perfect opportunity to wear something with sequins on it and talk about relationships without any guilt or judgment. Since most nice restaurants in your area will undoubtedly be booked, you will have free reign in funky-trendy clubs or dive bars.

Or, you can host a girls night in and play Valentine's Day-themed games like “Name that Love Tune.” There's a great selection of games to browse on

The Anti-Valentines Day Bash

An Anti-V Day bash might even be more fun than a lovey-dovey smooch fest. This is for the tradition-shirking hipster or fan of irony. This bash consists of donning your best all-black outfit and drawing a broken slash through all your heart decorations.

Listen to music by Nirvana or Korn, and insist your guests avoid the topic of romance all together. Serve cheap beer and offer a Bloody Mary bar.

Glue an old picture of an ex love onto a piece of foam core and throw darts in it. For snacks, get ideas from "Man Vs. Food" and have a hot dog-eating contest— because that might be the most un-romantic game in the world. Whatever you do, the anti-party is made to revel in your decision not to play into the commercial hype.