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If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, check out the tried-and-true party ideas below.

Amazing Race Theme- The Amazing Race occurs all over the world, which gives you many options for theme decorations. Create your own mini race through the neighborhood or your town, with cryptic clues and fun prizes. Though it will take some time to put together, an Amazing Race theme party can be a blast!

American Idol Party- You ready to choose your next American Idol? Well at least the idol from your party! Karaoke is a great option when you are putting together this entertaining party. A few judges, some music and eager participants is all you need for a successful party!

Fear Factor Party Theme- If you were a big fan of Fear Factor the wheels are probably already turning on how to create your own Fear Factor theme party. The premise is to make your "contestants" eat the most disgusting things possible, for the home version, the actual food should be tamer. Create jars of "specimens" such as pigs feet, olive eyeballs or octopus, the fun part will be blindfolding your guests and making them guess which item they are eating! Of course, you will replace the gross stuff with stuff like pasta for worms, cottage cheese for brains etc...

Lost Party Theme- Decorating for a Lost theme party will be nearly as fun as the party itself. Your job will be to create a tropical paradise in your backyard or living room. Palm trees, a raft, stuffed polar bear and gnomes are all great options. Print out your invitations to look like boarding passes and give everyone their own lottery ticket at the door! Trivia and costume contests would both be great fun.

Oscar Theme Party- Think glitz, glamour and Hollywood! Roll out the red carpet and meet your guests with flashing bulbs as they arrive for your Oscar party. White Christmas lights around the room can give you a glittering ambiance and decorations such as a cardboard Oscar, movie stars and a podium will round out the look. For fun, you could hand out awards to the best soccer mom, fantasy football tycoon and much more.

Survivor Party- Tropical island fun is underway when you have a Survivor theme party. Luau decorations are perfect for this theme as are challenging activities that earn participants immunity! Treasure hunts, tug of war between "tribes" and various other games, of course you will want to skip the council, no fun voting your friends out of the party.

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