TV Ads Party Theme

by anna
(Rome, italy)

Everyone was wearing costumes taken by tv advertisments. Some people were dressed up as cars, others as food like cereals or cakes, some like soap. For ex. one was dressed up as a Pantene bottle of shampoo. It was very funny, it's easy for the guests because they have lots of things to choose from.

The only problem is that they have to make it at home, because you can't really buy these costumes anywhere. If you aren't really good at making things though you can go for something easy, you don't have to create a really complicated thing!!!!

Around the room there were some TV with dvds with many ads recorded, on the walls there were pictures of old ads and after a while there was also music taken from ads!!! I think it was such a good a idea!!! Too bad I can't do it again because my friend made it already!!!!

We also played different games related to ads and spots. For ex. one in which you had to guess which product the ad was advertising in the first few seconds!!!

Hope you like this idea


anna from italy

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