Toga Party Ideas

Toga party ideas have come a long way since the movie Animal House. Movies such as Gladiator and the series called Rome on the history channel are making togas more appealing and even “chic.”

Pattern books over the last few years have enabled us to make better toga party costumes than the traditional bed sheets. There are also cook books that have come out that teach people how some of the ancient goodies were made.

Some things are not a part of North American taste and can seem a little strange, to say the least, but sometimes one needs to take a bit of an adventure.

Finger foods are the best way to go with a party such as this from the main course to the desserts. Lots of fruit wine and beer go well with this theme as well as a barbeque.

Gambling games and watching a magic show as well as listening to live music all go well with the theme of a toga party. He or she that wins the most “money” in games can be crowned Caesar for the evening and be given some sort of prize.

Funny poetry makes a great game as well. Poetry was one of the big entertainments as well as acting out plays. People, if they aren’t to shy, can recite what they have written on the spot, with the best poet winning a prize. The ideas are many. All you need is to convince people to give it a try.

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