7 Tips to Hosting a Dr. Seuss-Themed Baby Shower

A mom-to-be who loves Dr. Seuss will love a baby shower themed after the author and his whimsical stories. You can't go wrong with all the bright colors, and the theme is especially popular as one for gender-neutral baby showers.

Here are some clever tips to help you host a great Seuss-themed baby shower.

Go Big with Decorations

The decorations set the stage for the party, so make them bold and colorful like the illustrations in the books. One easy idea is to make truffula trees out of long sticks with pom-pom shapes on the ends.

The pom-poms can be anything from handmade yarn balls to fluffy hair bows from the dollar store. Or you can decorate with framed images of pages from classic books, like The Cat in the Hat. You can let your guests take these home as baby shower favors.

Pick Your Favorite Books

Although you could mix and match themes from different Dr. Seuss stories, you'll achieve the most cohesive look with a single book or character.

Draw on this for inspiration in your decorations, food, games, baby shower favors, and other elements. Even if you include a few other elements from the canon of Dr. Seuss, the one book will especially help keep the decorations in check.

Convey the Theme on the Invitations

Your guests probably know and love Dr. Seuss just as much as you do, so let them know about the theme on the invitations. That way they can dress for the theme and even tailor their gift to it if they'd like.

If you want the mom-to-be to get a full set of the Dr. Seuss books, consider mentioning a different one on each guest's invitation as a possible gift idea to make sure there aren't duplicates, although you can never get enough Dr. Seuss.

Create Whimsical Treats

Cake pops are huge right now, so consider making a set of them for guests. You can decorate them to look like the cat's red and white striped hat or perhaps the star-bellied sneetches. These can be perfect for snacks before cutting the cake, or even to give guests as another party favor. If all else fails, try green eggs and ham on Ritz crackers; finger foods never fail at parties.

Play Seuss-Inspired Games

Whimsical Dr. Seuss stories provide plenty of ideas for fun games to play with guests.

For guessing games, have guests estimate the number of goldfish crackers in a bowl or the number of small candy "truffula seeds" in a jar.

Another game idea is to have teams put a set of items into the sequence they appeared in a Dr. Seuss story.

Draw on Books for Food Ideas

Although the foods Dr. Seuss suggested may not taste good, you can take delicious foods and put them in a form that looks like a Dr. Seuss snack. For example, you can put some green food coloring in the filling for deviled eggs to make green eggs, and serve them alongside miniature ham sandwiches.

Involve the Mom-to-Be in Brainstorming Ideas

Unless you want the theme of the baby shower to be a complete surprise, ask the expectant mother for ideas. Perhaps she has a favorite character or scene in a Dr. Seuss book that she wants you to incorporate. Or maybe there's a game she's been wanting to play that you can adapt to the theme.

Through each aspect of the baby shower, keep the feel whimsical and lighthearted to fit with the tone of Dr. Seuss.

You don't have to have an extravagant, expensive baby shower to make it a fun one, but just use the theme for your inspiration. Tying it through the aspects of the baby shower help you make it cohesive and enjoyable for everyone.