Teen Party Theme

Would you like to be a teenager forever? If you do, then you’ll fit in at a teen party theme for your teenager. The challenge is that teens like a slew of things, so a teen theme party will need a focus. What shall it be?

For the purpose of focus, the ideas below pertain to a pre-selected teen theme for teen theme parties.

Invitations to a gender-switch theme teen party can be frilly, pink, and girly for the boys urging them to attend a “momentous occasion”; the girls receive the more “butch” invitations, say a postcard, urging them to “be there for a wild party.” In each invitation, the guests are told to “wear your best dress” (for the boys) and “wear your best suit/jeans [or whatever]” (for the girls). This will let the teens know that the party is a gender-switch theme.

Decorations can feature a split setting; that is, half will be decorated to appeal to female tastes (the boys will sit here), and the other will be opposite (for the girls). All during the party the teenagers behave like the other sex. This will allow the teens to have fun by making fun of the opposite gender.

Music: Maybe each teen boy can bring a CD on anyone female artist/band of his choice; each teen girl can bring a CD on any male artist/band of her choice.

Going along with the split scene, the food display can be the same way: the teen boys eat that which girls typically favor; teen girls eat that which boys usually eat.

Ask your teen for insight on any of these. They can help!

Teenage Birthday Party Games/Party Games Teens

Teen Dancing—this is a given, but instead of the boys asking the girls, the girls must ask the boys, and they have to lead in the dancing!

Teen Pageant—this is for the guys! They display themselves in their dresses, and the girls vote on the prettiest. The winner gets a prize typically valued by girls.

Teenage Monkey Act—the girls do something distinctive of the boys, and the boys vote on the most original or most entertaining. The winner gets a prize typically valued by boys.

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