Teen Party Game Ideas

Teen party game ideas usually go over best when you choose an activity a little offbeat. At first you might get that embarrassed “I don’t want to play that”, but if you persist or get someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks to demonstrate it, it can look so ludicrous that it is funny and therefore fun.

Games that are generally part of a theme parties can be played with or without the theme. In fact sometimes that makes them seem a little but more humorous.

Some birthday party games for teens come from Hawaiian Luau and Survivor games such as coconut bowling and the limbo, scavenger hunts and walking across a rope that is suspended over a small pool in the backyard, or eating something that looks like it is made from bugs.

Having a sack race or an egg toss that does not use hard boiled eggs is another game. Another one is bobbing for an apple where everyone has their own pot of water and their own apple. This is harder than it looks even though it was played by children at Halloween parties for years.

There are also fun teenage party games that follow along lines of less physical exertion such as trivia games about music, movies and television, something children know a lot about.

First one that guesses the name of the group playing, the name of the song or movie, and anything else about it depending how knowledgeable you’re teens are about music, television or movies gets the CD/Movie Tickets/DVD. Puzzle games and games that deal with visual illusions are also interesting to play as well as games that use balance and dexterity.

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