Tailgating and Scavenger Hunt

by Cindy
(Beavercreek, OH)

It was blast we had our own cookbook club we created for everyone to bring their favorite man snack recipes and wear their favorite sport shirts college or nfl either way. We had them to bring their dates.

We had decorated table made out of green plastic table cloth and with white tape to create look like football field.

We split up four colored teams , blue, black, yellow or orange (any color will do). They drawn out of bowl of color they have to go with team.

When handed out list of scavenger hunt game, three choices to use one was taking picture be goofy with teams, one is fill in blank, and one is to get something from them like straws, matchbook, cap, etc with hour and half time limit. They have to work together as a team and work fast to get back her on time to avoid penalty added time to their score for showing up late who showed up first minus 5pts after second is minus 10pts; Be creative with score points!

For the scavenger list who made the score every question counts as 5 pts for blank, for things 10pts each item and for picture is 15 pts.

Add it all up together who made the highest score the colored team wins.

Also other individual game was identifying team helmets which team they belong to with time limit 5 minutes.

How many they can get corrected total? One person can share with their date partner to work together. One person gets prize.

Everyone had a great time and they wanted do it again.

We had our own many different kinds of cookbook theme clubs and this tailgating and scavenger hunt and Hawaiian theme was everyone's favorite.

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