Surprise Party Ideas

The best surprise party ideas are ones that are easy to pull off, without the guest of honor catching on. Most people seem to give the party away by mistake or they are seen doing something that makes the person whose surprise party it is to become suspicious.

It does not take much for surprise party ideas to be discovered, so one has to be sneaky and smart about it. You need to know your friend’s routine and have some control over it if you must interfere to get them where they need to be.

Sometimes you can suggest to a friend that you should spend the night of the party doing something together and taking them to where you want them. Surprise parties work well at a restaurant if everyone is there beforehand.

They also work well at someone’s home, because the person who lives there can let everyone in.

Wine and cheese parties or cocktail parties make for a good surprise party atmosphere. You might think of having a backyard barbeque and/or hot tub party as well.

Almost any kind of party will work as a surprise party as long as you can manage the surprise. It is all about being creative in how you conceal it until the time is right and the birthday person is right where you need them to be. One way of being sneaky about it is to plan the surprise party on a day other than that person’s actual birthday, either a few days before or after.

Make plans to go for a harmless beer after work and offer to drive them. Have all the supplies in the car and say that you need to drop something off first before getting to the bar. Have them help you to take everything inside and when they get inside, that’s when they are surprised!

The trick with surprise party ideas is to have everyone at that place well before the birthday person arrives.

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