Superman Party Ideas

Superman party ideas are loved by young boys and many adults because although he has one weakness, he always manages to get the bad guy!

Dressing up in Superman costume is fun, easy and great if you are on your way to a Superman party. If the party is only for boys, then you will have a house full of supermen.

If it has young girls in attendance, you may end up with a few Lois Lanes. Seeing a few Super Women at the party is likely as well, though Lois Lane would probably be the most common.

Superman comic books, movies, cards and all kinds of Superman party supplies can be found on the market. If you are having a party, you might blow up blue and red balloons to decorate with, don’t forget a giant super S and make sure that all the little supermen have a superman movie to watch.

Easy ways to design a cake is red and blue icing. The cake in the shape of a cape with the superman badge is a good idea. You might also make those super heroes calm down a bit by making green jello cubes and serving it as kryptonite. Have a super party!

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