Super Bowl Party Ideas

Welcome to our Super Bowl party ideas page.

Super bowl parties are one of the easiest to plan. Forget the fancy decorations and cuisine- bring on the sweatshirts and jeans!

You don't even have to plan activities. After all, the 'tube is the main attraction. What could be easier to plan?


  • Create pennants out of felt
  • Use lots of paper streamers with team colors
  • Silly string a room to simulate field lines and markers
  • Hang football team posters of the walls

See the Super Bowl decoration kit for all your needed decorations and supplies.

Create invitations shaped like footballs or helmets with team colors.

Superbowl recipes

You may need to forgo your New Year's resolutions for a night. What Super Bowl party would be complete without the high fat recipes and finger foods!

Fire up the deep fryer and create a fried fiesta of chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, pepperoni balls, and buffalo chips.

Pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw are also great options.

You can avoid the work all-together and order a pizza or pick up some fried chicken.

See our theme party recipe cookbook for thousands of recipe ideas.

Activity Ideas

If you need something to do at half-time, or if everyone isn't necessarily a football enthusiast, plan a few games for all to enjoy:

Football word search
Football clues game

I hope the Super Bowl Party Ideas page helped spark some fun ideas for your Super Bowl Bash!

Super Bowl Party Ideas page

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