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Whether it be Strawberry Shortcake or one of her many colorful little friends, everything is tasty and delicious.

An invitation to a Strawberry Shortcake party can be just as tasty. In line with the little lady’s knack for things scrumptious, make and send invitations in the form of recipes for strawberry shortcake, Lemon Meringue, or other sweet treats.

Include a welcome, a time and place in the recipe—a recipe of a party! Don’t forget to include the guests’ names in that recipe. This will personalize it.

Finally, for that added emphasis, spray it with a strawberry scent, which will draw the recipient(s) to the party, if not for the fun, then the treats. At Strawberry Shortcake’s party, they are one and the same.

The décor would be, of course, strawberries—style, appearance, flavor! Everything would be strawberry-oriented, down to the red and pink balloons and spiraled streamers.

Both kids and parents can don the outfit of some Strawberry Shortcake character, and there are many. Or you can wear anything handmade having strawberry patterns.

Play ongoing music to various upbeat and cheerful children’s songs, which, as an added challenge, you can make yourself.

See the Strawberry Shortcake party supplies for all the needed decorations and favors. All the food would be variations of strawberries—pie, fruit salad, and, especially, a strawberry-filled cake! Perhaps you can draw on the other Strawberry Shortcake characters—Crepes Suzette, Huckleberry Pie, Frost Puff, Lemon Meringue Raspberry Torte, and Apple Dumpling, just to name a few—to form a variety of food or dessert combinations. You can even cook ham smothered in strawberry sauce.

Strawberry Shortcake Party Game & Activity Ideas

Pick the Strawberries—build an artificial tree out of wood or other pliable but firm material in, say, the basement. Hang strawberries or strawberry batches from the tree and have the little Strawberry Shortcakes climb up and “pick” them and then fill the large receptacle mentioned below.

Collect the Strawberries—either individually or in groups, the kids fill a basket or a bucket full of strawberries from a larger receptacle. They race to fill up theirs before the others. The first little Strawberry Shortcake(s) to fill his/hers/theirs wins a sweet prize.

Making Strawberry Shortcake—Supplying round sponge cake, whipped cream, and ice cream, you can have the kids make their own strawberry shortcake dishes to eat. Perhaps you can offer a prize for the best-made or most quickly made/eaten dessert.

This three-stage process could follow dinner and serve as dessert. It would be neat to have the kids learn how to make strawberry shortcake themselves. That would make eating even more fun!

Strawberry Shortcake Party Ideas Page

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