Star War Birthday Party

Welcome to our Star War Birthday Party Ideas page.

This is a really fun party. I hosted a Star Wars birthday party over the summer for my boys' 7th and 4th birthdays. It was lots of fun for both boys and girls.

Star Wars party supplies can range from the classics such a Darth Vader or Yoda, to a Clone Wars characters. You can decorate with inexpensive red and black balloons, as well as Star Wars movie posters.

The Star Wars party games were definitely the hit of the party. Here's what we did in the order of events, so it helps out with your party planning:

1. X-wing fighter bingo 4:20- 4:40

I made little Yoda bingo cards for the kids to begin the festivities. I found clip art of Yoda, and used it in the center of the Bingo card. It was a great game to transition from the beginning of the party to more active games.

2. Pass the Death Star 4:40- 4:55

Modeled after "Hot Potato," this game was a lot of fun. I took a basketball and wrapped aluminum foil around it. I tried to use as little tape as possible, but some is needed to hold it together. I played the soundtrack from Star Wars (the well-known theme song) as they sat in the circle, passing around the "Death Star." Remember the Death Star from the '70's? I turned my back to the kids, so I wouldn't know who had it, and I would turn of the music at random intervals. Whoever had the Death Star had to move out of the circle. The kids laughed and laughed, which made it a great hit.

3. Feed Jabba the Hut 4:55- 5:10

We took a small bean bag toss game (stands upright) and converted it into "Feed Jabba." We drew Jabba on a greenish-silver posterboard and attached it to the bean bag toss. The kids attempted to feed Jabba (we used pinecones since we have so many). If they were successful, the next round they had to take a step back, which made it a little harder. This was a good one for the 7 year olds. I would suggest breaking it up by age group/range.

4. Use the force 5:10- 5:25

Ok, I kept this one in, but it was a bit of a flop! The intent was to "use your Jedi powers" to keep a balloon on your light saber. The light sabers were pool noodles (pool floating toys), and the kids tried hard to keep the balloons afloat, but it was a bit too hard! If the pool noodles were a bit less floppy, it would have worked great!

5. Dinner 5:25- 5:45

Simple pizza, salad, carrots, juice, etc.

6. Pin the Light Saber on Darth Maul 5:45- 6:00

I cut rectangular "light sabers" out of green construction paper. Rather than Pin the Tail on the Donkey, the kids tried to pin the light saber on a Darth Maul poster.

7. Cake/ice cream 6:00- 6:15

We store bought our cake this time, but a Star War birthday party cake can be done pretty easily. The store basically made a black frosting and added a plastic Yoda character as the centerpiece.

8. Pinata 6:15- 6:30

The pinata was Darth Vader with the pull strings. The pull string pinatas are much easier for adults to handle than an army of bat-yielding 7 year olds!

The Star War birthday party games were great fun- I recommend them for all 4-8 year olds!

Star War Birthday Party Page

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