Sports Party Theme

by Ivana
(Denton, Texas)

This theme is so much fun and it is also very easy because you have such a variety of favors, food, and decorations you can use. Football you can make a football shaped cake and for appetizers you can have everything cut out in football shape as far as the ham and cheese for the cracker tray. Also for food ideas do foods that you would normally eat at a football game such as Nachos, Hot Dogs, Pickles etc.

The favors you can find football team cups or mugs for favors and put candy in them but at Party City they actually have water bottles where the bottle is shaped like a football and the children at the party can take those as favors. Also another favor can be whistles because you use whistles on the field.

The Decor for this party can be football colored or football table cloth with football napkins and cups etc.

Have famous football players pictures blown up maybe around the size of 8x10 and put around the party area. Find some mega phones,jersey's, pom poms and footballs from the Dollar Tree and add those to your decor, this way when its a sports theme party girls have their girly stuff too!

For a game idea have the children play a scrimage of football and have the girls on the sideline cheering for their teams just as if it was a real game and have a cool prize for the winning team! Make sure you have a camera around too the capture these memories.

And other sports themes include:


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