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If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, check out the tried-and-true party ideas below.

Bowling Party- there are several ways you can put together a bowling theme party for kids. For the most fun rent out the bowling alley and bring along your own ten pin plates, streamers, cake and party favors. If you are planning a party for teens, request a glow in the dark bowl.

If you do not want to rent out the local bowling alley, but have a bowling aficionada on your party list there are still plenty of fun ways to decorate and through the bash of the year. Creating your own bowling pin decorations will be simple with cardboard and a bit of white and black paint. You could also custom order a bowling ball cake with bowling pin candles!

Golf Party Theme- If you do not want to rent the entire golf course for your next party, set up a golf theme in your backyard! Cups turned sideways can function as "holes" and any part of your landscaping can be obstacles. Make it really fun by asking golfers to come attired in their "old school" plaid golf pants.

Decorating for a golf theme party does not have to be complicated, keep green and white in mind for color scheme. You can make use of your old golf equipment for ambiance and choose some wonderful gag gifts for your partygoers. Pictures and posters of famous golfers will help set the scene.

Olympic Party Theme- The nice thing about having an Olympic theme is the fact that winter or summer is covered. Colored hula-hoops can be used to create the five rings and you can ask guests to come dressed in the attire of their favorite event. International flags, torches, mini-events and patriotic food can create the perfect Olympic feel.

Create your very own Olympic events in the backyard or Local Park. These will vary based on the season but could include toboggan races, water balloon tosses and speed skating (could be ice or roller variety).

Super Bowl Party- Ah, the possibilities are endless! Probably the only rule you want to follow is to keep it centered on your gang's favorite team! You can make your own pennants with colored felts and use the team colors for streamers, paper plates and tablecloth. This is a totally casual affair with jeans and sweatshirts a practical must.

Many people like to have their very own “super bowl” before the game gets started. Depending on the composition of your group, you could have a head on full contact or a fun flag football game. You can adjust the football game for the age of your "players", even little children can get on the fun if you are careful. Food for the game will be simple, hotdogs; pizza and/or burgers coupled with plenty of chips and dip should be fine.

See these personalized theme party invitations for hundreds of party themes.

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