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SpongeBob, the goofy sponge character that has become a cultural staple in American society, induces as much fun as he does laughter!

SpongeBob Invitations would be made of actual sponge, with a message attached. Tiny arms and legs might add further uniqueness to the invitation. This will take some creativity, but it can be done cheaply.

See the Spongebob party supplies kit for all the needed decorations. Since SpongeBob lives in a pineapple, that fruit can be the center of attraction on the food table. Many varieties of the fruit—salads, candy, pastries—can serve as samples. Even the serving materials, like plates and cups, can follow this motif, such as plastic pineapple bottoms as cups.

The cake, however, has many challenging possibilities: a pineapple, a starfish, SpongeBob himself! You can even place a “Krusty Krab” sign over the kitchen door(s).

Perhaps you can make up a dish consisting of a fish/pineapple mix. The guests would enjoy this, especially the adults.

Spongebob Party Game Ideas

SpongeBob Toss—Have the kids toss sponges as far as they can. The kid who tosses the farthest wins a prize. Watch SpongeBob take flight!

Mr. Sponge Head—In the tradition of Mr. Potato Head, you can have the kids choose a real sponge and, using paper clips, tacks, toothpicks, and other materials (supplied), make the most creative SpongeBob they can (I realize that a SpongeBob “Mr. Potato Head” exists, but having them use an actual sponge will provide a challenge for them). The most unique and interesting creation wins a prize.

Sponge Building—either individually or in groups, the kids, with their own boxes full of sponges, can build their own SpongeBob creations. The most interesting or first-made creation wins a prize. You can even have second and third prizes here.

Fish for SpongeBob—fill a fish tank full of water, and have the kids fish for tiny SpongeBob toys. If they raise one, they get a prize. Each child either has a limit of one try or is limited on time.

Spongebob Party Idea Page

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