Shrek Party Ideas

Shrek Party Ideas Every Princess Fiona at Heart Will Love

Who would have thought that a movie about a green ogre and his princess-in-disguise can stir up so much passion in popular culture? Yes, such is the popularity of the movie franchise that there are now numerous Shrek birthday party ideas suitable for boys and girls as well as for kids and adults. The trick is in adapting the ideas to suit personal preferences, be it toward the kid-friendly or the adult-friendly type.


Let's start with the invitations as these are the first clues future guests will have about what to expect during the party. The invitations will be in green with pictures of Shrek, Fiona and all the other main characters on the front. You may also choose to have Shrek's face digitally altered to have the celebrant's face instead.

The details of the party - date, time and venue as well as request to come in costume - will be printed on the inside. The words "Far, Far Away" may be stated before the actual venue (i.e., Far, Far Away in our home)


Of course, Shrek party ideas will not be complete without mention of costumes. These outfits add the oomph to the party that coming on ordinary clothes cannot for obvious reasons.

Your guests need not spend plenty of money, pour plenty of time and suffer through plenty of discomfort on their Shrek and Fiona costumes. Even a green shirt topped with a sleeveless white shirt for the guys and a green long dress for the women will suffice.


The venue can be decorated to look like a swamp, forest or a castle - take your pick. Again, plenty of money for Shrek party supplies is unnecessary as the addition of plants into a room will suffice. Or you may tie helium balloons to the chairs and in other places of the room.


When it comes to a Shrek party theme, the games are a-plenty, too. Consider the following games and activities:

Paint old appliance boxes to look like castles, carriages and even the house on the swamp. These things can then be used as play sets later on.

Make oger ears as party hats. Just use construction paper shaped as ears and a piece of long rectangular paper, glue and tape.

Decorate gingerbread cookies to look like the Gingerbread Man.

Play charades with pictures of the main characters in the movie - Shrek, Fiona, Lord Farquad, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, Three Blind Mice, Dragon and Gingerbread Man

Musical chairs to the Shrek soundtrack

Pin the crown on Fiona and pin the tail on Donkey

Watch the movie as the wind-down activity


Naturally, food forms a big part in these Shrek party ideas. You can adapt the concepts in the movies to the usual food served in parties. Take these foods, for example:

Bug Juice is simply kids' favorite juice with ice cubes and any gross-looking candy like jelly worms inside. Dig into the Halloween jar, if you want.

Ogre Ice Cream can be made from many flavors of ice cream decorated with jelly worms, gum drops and sprinkles

Cake in the shape of Shrek and his home

With all these Shrek party ideas, your inner Princess Fiona will definitely swoon. Now, the rest is up to the guests to enjoy what you prepared for them the green ogre way.

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