Shark Tale Birthday Party Ideas

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Sharks are dangerous creatures we all know, but they can be fun, too, especially at Shark Tale parties.

The invitations for a Shark Tale party should be just as biting. How about sending each guest a small, handheld plastic or rubber shark with a brief Shark Tale message with bold lettering stuck in its jaws?

Or you can have a homemade card from which the jaws of a shark jump out, holding a brief Shark Tale message. Either one would be gripping for both kids and adults.

Neat shark party supplies would involve covering the walls with large roller paper painted to look like underwater scenes having fish, underwater mountains, a sunken ship, a half-buried treasure, the underwater buildings that served as the locale for the Shark’s Tale characters, and other things the imagination can conjure up.

See the Shark Tale Birthday Party Supply for all the needed decorations and favors. Your kid(s) can help in this! Have this running all the way around, say, the basement walls, with starfish-speckled netting drooping from the ceiling. The kids can come dressed as their favorite Shark Tale characters, or you can hand out Shark Tale T-shirts and little fins for them to perch on their heads.

Finally, have the movie soundtrack or a homemade audio montage of underwater sounds, like “splashing” and diving effects, to make the whole setting more realistic.

Food for an underwater setting is obviously fish, along with a variety of fish-shaped treats, like candy and cookies. For example: octopus-shaped cookies and candy, shark-shaped cookies and candy, starfish-shaped cookies and candy, etc.

For a Shark Tale party, though, the most fitting cake would be that of a large shark—fearsome and exciting! Shrimp, clams, tuna, and a variety of fish--fried, battered, broiled—would be appropriate for the adults. Seafood salad would be a tasty side, too.

Shark Tale Party Game & Activity Ideas

Milk Gallon Toss—provide two or more milk cartons, gallon size, and fill them with water. Have the kids toss them to see who can toss the farthest. The winner gets a Shark Tale prize.

Duck, Duck…Don Lino!—along the lines of “duck, duck, goose,” this little game varies only in that the one who is “it” taps the other kids on the shoulder, and the one who gets tapped as “Don Lino” takes over, inciting fear as Don Lino did in Shark’s Tale.

Fish Tank Action—Fill a fish tank with water. Submerge several items--plastic fish, octopus, and sharks fitted with a loop at one end. The kids fish with a simple, homemade rod. Whatever they pull up determines what kind of Shark’s Tale prize they get, as each kind of creature represents a different Shark’s Tale prize.

Shark Tale Birthday Party Ideas Page

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