Sex and The City Cocktail Party

by Sarajane
(Albany, Western Australia)

Sex and The City Cocktail Party

4 cocktails -Cosmopolitin
Absolute Hunk
Apple Martini
(all featured in episodes of SATC)
and pink champagne
(to constantly flow)

Food - cocktail food mix of savory and sweet samplings. one of the main things to include would be cupcakes with pastel frosting similar to those featured in SATC.

We had our party at home so if you are looking at doing that to it is a great idea to have somebody serve the food and drinks so you don't have to worry. If cost is an issue ask the local (responsible) kids in your neighbourhood if they would like to make a few dollars serving food for the night and rope in someone over the age to mix and pour the drinks.

Its nice to have a professioanl for the cocktails however we just had a friend of ours come over for an afternoon a week before the party and taught him how to make and mix them to perfection so on the night he was a great and as hosts we really didnt have any worries.

Decorations - pink! pretty! classy! shoes.
have tea light candles everywhere, light pink draping, champagne glasses filled with crystals or glass beads look very beautiful and with the tea light candles around them they really BLING. We also had different shades of pink baubels in different sizes hanging around the room. Verry effective.

Invitation - we made in the shape of a high heel and one side was all sparkley glitter and the other had all the details of the party

We had all our friends bring (not necesseraly wear) their favourite shoes which we displayed on a beautiful set up at the entrance of the party. Everybody enjoyed admiring and looking at them. Sounds unusal but was a hit of the night and a great talking point for those who didnt know each other because they could say "which are your shoes", why did you bring them etc etc.

If you want games, have SATC trivia, fun party sex games are also a good luagh, especially if you have all had a cocktail or 2.

Party favours was a donation of $10 on everyones behalf to the Australian Breast Cancer Foundation. We made a note of what was done in a scoll, wrapped it in pink ribbon and included a high heel key ring.

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