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Sesame Street has been around since your parents were kids, even their parents! It’s become a icon in children’s lives. A Sesame Street birthday party, then, would be a real tradition that kids, parents, and even grandparents will enjoy!

The ideal Sesame Street invitation would reflect that tradition. Perhaps you can send guests a little plush Sesame Street Muppet (Big Bird, Oscar, Grouch, Bert and Ernie, et al) with a simple little message in its hands. Another idea that you may find even more intriguing (if you can have it done) is to have the plush stuffy “speak” the welcome in its own voice by pushing in its belly. Some of these “talking” Sesame Street plushes do exist, so this is doable. The simple messages would merely include directions, time, and contact information. You can also make your own tiny plush dolls and append a cute, simple, little message to its back.

Sesame Street party supplies and decorations would revolve around making your home appear like some feature from the show. If you have the time and ability, you could build the steps, in your basement, trash cans and barber pole inclusive. Or you can hang plush stuffies and Elmo party supplies all around to create a Sesame Street sweetness that would appeal to young children. The age of your child(ren) and space will determine which way to go here. Kids will dress as their favorite Sesame Street characters. Maybe either you or your spouse can dress like Big Bird and welcome the children in style. Plenty of Sesame Street CDs are available to provide the familiar sounds of the show. If you want to save money, record the music from the show. Again, play with it!

Food can include cookies in a variety of Sesame Street characters. Since this theme would usually appeal to younger children, food and activities (below) should be aimed at the adults, but create something that the children will like, too. Cakes featuring the Sesame Street characters will be endearing.

Sesame Street Party Game & Activity Ideas

Puppet Show—Entertain the kids with a Sesame Street puppet show. Perhaps you can hire locals to perform, or you and other adults can do it. One specific idea would be to have the Grouch provide banter with the kids from his trash can (considering you’re willing to create the set), or have someone dress up like the characters and interact for the kids. What fun!

Sing-Along—the kids can sit on the steps and sing along to all of their favorite Sesame Street songs. This would be nice for especially the younger kids. Remember to take pictures!

Pick-the-Plush—Have plush stuffies hanging low enough from the ceiling. The kids can jump up and grab them. Some have special Sesame Street prizes in them!

Sesame Street Party Ideas Page

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