Safari Party Ideas

Safari party ideas can include a trip to the local zoo as an easy way to start. Zoos always have cotton candy and the usual fast foods and goodies to purchase. Lunch is a great break from walking and seeing all the animals.

Some of the things you can do at a safari birthday party when staying home is watching some animal shows like wild kingdom on television. You can also make games by designing cards with the pictures of not so common animals on them where the kids need to name the animal.

Decorate with a personalized safari banner, jungle scene setters, and animal striped plates and napkins.

Depending on the age of the kids, a little trivial pursuit on the animals is fun and also a good learning experience. Taping the sounds that animals make and having the kids guess them is also lots of fun.

Kids can come dressed in safari like costumes. If it’s in the summer time, supplying a net for insects and a small bag for plant life is a good way to take a nature hike as part of a safari party.

Afterwards or as you hike you can talk about the plant life and what it is named, as well as some of the special things about the plant and what it does for the environment.

The same can be done with finding insects and birds as well as small animals. A trip to the local pond is another great idea. Take some jars a magnifying glass and use those little individual nets to explore the life you find in the water.

Cake designed like an animal is a great way to end the party, and giving away finger puppet as prizes for behavior and activities works well. Making finger puppets is also an easy fun craft to do if the kids enjoy creating things.

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