Reunion Ideas

Welcome To Our Reunion Ideas page.

If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, check out the tried-and-true party ideas below.

Simply click on one of the themes below for all the decorations, costumes, game, and party drinks ideas, as well as printable invitations.

Class Reunion
A class reunion party can be an absolute blast and most of the time no two reunion parties will be the same. You can focus the party around special events from high school, such as the big game everyone still talks about, senior prom or simply make it a decade party. Period music, trivia and school era pictures are perfect for ambiance. Do not forget the pizza and snacks!

Consider the decade when putting together your class reunion theme party, each era will have its own special brand of music, movies and trivia all of which you can incorporate into your d├ęcor. Old movie posters, theme from prom, rock star posters and such will create the perfect atmosphere for your next class reunion. Of course, if you and your class mates are all a bit long in the tooth you could make it an over the hill type event as well.

Family Reunion
This type of party can be fun or tender and even a little bit of both. There are all kinds of interesting things you can do with a party like this, such as create family t-shirts with a logo or crest on the back and perhaps great-great grandparents on the front! Do not forget your family banner to announce the party location and some family trivia questions for activities.

One interesting guest gift to consider is a completed family tree. You may need to consult the family genealogist for this little idea, however the completed project will definitely something people will remember. Encourage guests to talk about family members who have passed on thus keeping their memories alive for another generation.