Retirement Theme Party

Retiring is a big occasion and one that should definitely be celebrated!

A retirement theme party is a great time to reminisce, spend time with friends and family, and mark the exciting transition that retirement brings.

You can use any type of theme for retirement party ideas, but many people like to do something along the lines of "walking down memory lane."

Use this time to remember special people and events, enjoy some good humor, and celebrate upcoming plans. Keep the atmosphere jovial.

A personalized retirement banner is a fun way to welcome guests, along with balloons and streamers.

While many people like to chip in and buy the guest of honor something special, this is also a good time for gag or white elephant gifts. You can ask people to bring something old or outdated, such as a typewriter.

It's also nice to ask guests to share a special memory or write something for the guest. You can inform guests of this in the invitations. If you are using a theme, incorporate this into your invitations. Specialty papers that look aged can be found for a low price, and these help add to the overall effect and set the mood for the party.

Retirement parties can get big when you add coworkers and friends, so plan ahead and make food as easy as possible. This could be a full meal or a variety of snacks and appetizers.

Buffets work well for this type of party, and if you're hiring a caterer or renting special equipment, buffets are typically much less expensive than individual meals. Provide a variety of drinks as well, as there will be a mix of people at the party.

Regardless of whether or not you will be having a formal sit-down or a casual affair, at some point someone will want to present gifts to the retiree and/or make a presentation or speech.

Be sure to host the party in a room where there is plenty of room for everyone, and where the retiree can sit comfortably. If the party is very large, consider using a microphone so all can hear. Give your guest of honor a great send-off to the next adventure!

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