Rave Review Bachlorette Party

by cynthia farnell
(lake city,florida, USA)

Black lights
Neon highliters
Neon fabric paints
black fabric/poster boards/garbage bags
Guests in black or white T-shirts
glow stick necklaces/braclets/rings
ring pops/candy necklaces
neon colored drink
neon colored shot glasses

place black poster boards on walls to draw pictures on for the drawing contest.

guests ware black or white t-shirts to draw on each other - best drawing wins

black garbage bags on the walls for the neon paints to be spattered on to and guests to draw with as well.

Bachelorette Party Games

How well do you know the bride
bring a recipe for the bride and guests guess who it came from
match the love song to the guest
poster board pic drawing
t-shirt drawing
messiest guest from the paints
match recipe with the guest


Ring cake
hawaiian bread bowl/spinach dip
pretzels and dip
mini calzones
cheese/veggie crackers


line the walls of a room with the black garbage bags for the splatter painting. place black poster boards in different sizes on the walls and tables of another room for the picture drawing contest. make a club "RAVE REVIEW" sign for the front of the house. on the invites to the guests include a recipe card and ask them to write their fav recipe down for the bride. include on the invite that guests need to ware an old white or black t-shirt that they don't mind getting a bit messed up. also in the invite include a small card with the guests fav love song and their name.

these are for the guests to give to the hostess as they enter the club. hostess is to keep for the game times.the t-shirts are for the highlighters that each guest will get apon entering the club to draw on each others t-shirts and the poster boards. there will be a 12x24 poster board as the guests enter to sign in and give best wishes to the couple for them to keep.

on a table where the party games will be held will be papers for the guests to fill out of how well they know the bride. things like her fav food,color, where her and groom met...the sit down games need to be played before to much of the painting goes on to save the furniture from any miss haps.

make up gifts bags in neon colors with party favors of mardi gras type beads, ring pops,glow sticks,candy necklaces, mini neon nail polish... these can also be uses as prizes for the winners of the games.

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