Quirky Kids and Their Birthday Parties

Let's face it, every kid has a little quirkiness in them. 

Is your 2nd grader a tenacious little debater that would rather color the U.S.Supreme Court Coloring and Activity Book (yes, this actually exists) than one covered in Disney characters?

Do you have a little guy that might ask to visit The Alamo over Six Flags Amusement Park?

Well, then you've got a someone special who might be a little offbeat, and at the same time insightful and spirited.

When choosing a party theme for your smarty pants, consider looking very closely at their interests.

If they aren't into the latest super hero like Thor or Spiderman, don't even think about throwing a theme as such. Here are some ideas for your little adult's birthday party:


It's all about globes and maps in your little geologist's quarters. Science is their thing and they are more interested in playing with rocks and the dirt over any dumb toy.

Your child is of the earth and is fascinated by how volcanoes erupt and how earthquakes...quake. Visit a science museum for this little guy's party, where he can see real dinosaur bones.

If you decide to stay at home, an outdoor scavenger hunt would be a good fun time. Food can resemble bugs, bones and rocks while goodie bags could have earth erasers and miniature dinosaur toys.

If your child is eco-conscious, help all the kids plant a tree as a feel-good party activity.


Always looking up, your kid is fascinated by the moon, sun, stars and clouds. He asked Santa for a telescope for Christmas at age 4. You have got yourself a little NASA engineer or, gasp, astronaut on your hands, my friend.

Order in some astronaut ice cream and a space shuttle piƱata. Cover everything in foil and have one dark room with glow-in-the-dark stars and planets and some blankets kids can jump on as if they are on the moon.

There are numerous inexpensive items like planet notepads, stickers and erasers to give in goodie bags. For the real entertainment, dress your husband up as an alien and get the kids screaming for joy. Rent a party jumper in the shape of a rocket ship.


You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last parent to see that John Grisham novels are in the near future; but for now, your child enjoys books like Sara Rose Kid Lawyer by Spencer Aronfeld and programs like "Sally Jensen: Kid Lawyer" on the Disney Channel.

She wants to be sure your promises are upheld and when she questions your judgment, she grabs her glasses with her fingertips, slowly slides them down her nose as she inquisitively peers up at you with one eyebrow raised, as if to say, "Really, mom?"

It seems you, my dear, might have a future Robb Robb accident lawyer on your hands. Embrace this future by encouraging her to keep investigating. In the mean time, keep her inner child happy by setting up a themed party set in a courtroom.

Dress your birthday girl or boy as a lawyer or judge and ask the parents of the party guests do dress in their best adult outfit so they can act as the jury. Bake cookies in the shape of a gavel and ask a few of the parents to act as bailiffs standing guard.

Give the kids small DIY briefcases with goodies inside as party gifts. Hold a pre-planned mock trial where the kids can be the jury and your child the judge.