Princess Party Theme

Welcome each guest with a personalized princess party banner and princess party decorations.

Princess Party Theme submitted by Angela from Nova Scotia.

For my Daughters birthday she was into being a princess so for her birthday we got pink bristol board and lots of it and made our entertainment center into a castle with white towers complete with a draw bridge where the present were set.

We had 2 pink and 2 white and 2 purple balloons grouped with streamers with hearts on them hanging in all the corners of the room and in the middle then joined with pink and white streamers.

Each little girl was given an invitation shaped like a glass slipper told to come to Corinne princess ball and come dressed in your favorite princess dress.

Every little girl showed up in beautiful princess costumes I made a castle cake. First game we played was wishing well.

I got a large white bristol board and drew a hugh circle and(5points)on it then a smaller one (10points)then a smaller one(15points) and a small one in the center (20points) and each child got three pennies and stood in a marked off area and tossed her pennies.

The girl who got the largest points won a prize ( a diary). Next game was kiss a frog prince. I drew a picture of a frog with a crown on it with no mouth each girl got a set of red lips with their name on them to take turns blind folded pinning them on the frog(like pin the tail on the donkey).

The one closest got a prize(a brush, mirror, comb and hair pretties set). The next game was musical chairs which was to the tune of a cd I made with all the princess songs I could find and this cd was played throughout the party (prize was a gum ball machine filled with pink and purple and white gum balls).

Opened presents and the girls sang and danced to the music. They each got their pictures taken in front of our castle with the birthday girl which was given along with a cd to each child as a thank you the next day at school.

We had hot dogs cut small with toothpicks in them and choice of dippings and chips in pink and purple bowls and drinks (7up with some pink food coloring) in wine glasses.

They all seemed to have so much fun almost as much fun as I had planning it.

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