Pool Party Ideas

Fun and Safety Tips for Kid Pool Party Ideas

Pool parties are fun especially in the summer. Your kids and their friends can splash around in the pool while you and your fellow parents can have your own kind of fun, too.

It's almost like going to the beach with a fraction of the cost and the hassles. However, keep in mind that even the most fun of pool party ideas must have safety guidelines included in them.

This is water we are talking about, after all, and you want to ensure that no accidents occur while you are on watch.

Fun Tips

The idea behind a pool party is to transform your backyard pool into a beach, sort of. Thus, you can import the beach vibe with just a few imaginative touches on the tables, the pathways and even on the pool itself.

You may use the Caribbean or the Mediterranean or even Hawaii for inspiration. For example, you can use the small palm trees and tropical plants in your garden to spruce up the pool's surrounding areas.

Then with a few strategically-placed tiki statues, you have just transformed your ordinary pool into an extraordinary beach in Hawaii!

You can even get some real seashells off the beach and a few buckets of sand, which should then be placed on the tables as decorations.

Just make sure that the sand is placed in clear plastic or glass jars since sand can blow away and land on food - now, that you definitely do not want to happen.

One of the best pool party ideas is placing rubber duckies, inflatable balloons and water noodles on the pool for the kids to play with. This way, even when your pool does not have a kiddy slide, your little guests will have things to play with.

And of course, don't forget to include a few structured games into the day. You can guide the kids in playing water polo, water tag and even synchronized swimming - the funnier, the better for everybody.

Safety Tips

Safety is very important in pool parties for obvious reasons. First and foremost, you must provide adequate adult supervision. You want competent and responsible adults to watch over the kids, not other kids looking out for kids.

It also pays to set the rules early on. The most important of these rules involve no running around the pool, no pushing others into the pool and no dunking each other's heads. Of course, there shall be no diving either.

Your guests should also bring their own towels and swimsuits. This way, no borrowing of personal items will happen. Plus, tell your little guests to take a shower first before going to the pool.

Also, keep the food on the light side. Sandwiches, tacos and other finger foods are good ideas but be sure to provide plenty of choices in water, teas and juices for hydration.

Of course, you must provide sunblock lotions and creams in addition to the safety vests for the little kids. You want everybody to be safe under the heat of the sun and while in the water.

With these pool party ideas, you can now make good preparations to welcome the spring and summer into your yard and make the kids have fun!

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