Pimp and hoe

by kate
(hillcrest )

hey im havin a pimp and hoe party for my 20th i hav no idea wat to decorate the house in do u hav any ideas??

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Jan 15, 2010
Pimps up! Ho's down
by: Krista Blaes

I'm love the electro-hop group, LMFAO. They?re my inspiration for Pimp and Ho parties. The outrageous colored and patterned clothes and hairstyles are a great starting place. You can use the bright greens, oranges, purples and blues for your party décor. Or, be more upscale and go for a nightclub look by using purple, black, and silver for your party palette.

Use fabric like faux purple and black zebra fur for table coverings. For bling, add acrylic scatter diamonds for accent. You can find boxes of them at craft stores in the bridal section. Dig out any old mirrored balls you have or buy some new inexpensive ones. Strobe lights and black lights can be a great touch as well.

Buy black, white and purple feather boas and inexpensive Pimp fedora hats. Oriental Trading is a great website for this type of merchandise. Use the items to decorate the party. Go a step further and show the junk in your trunk, literally, by having inexpensive gold plastic chains and rings, bling sunglasses and more in a container on your party table. Guests will have a blast trying them on and wearing the props throughout the evening.

Use black sheets to cover up any furniture that doesn?t blend with the theme. Add pimped-out pillows in fur patterns for accent.

If you want to be the talk of the party, grab a couple of friends and transform yourselves into Pimp-stresses of the night. Buy or create matching costumes and flaunt your skills at being the lives of the party.

Krista Blaes
DetailsMakeThe Party.com

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