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If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, check out the tried-and-true party ideas below.

See below for all the decorations, games, and party drink ideas, as well as printable party invitations.

Is a sensational celebration "in the cards?"

Decorations & Favors

Welcome your guests with a Welcome guests with a personalized poker party banner.

Give each guest poker chips, play money and dice when they arrive.

Great decorations include hanging fuzzy dice and lots of black and red balloons.

Line the area with poker themed posters and art. Hang playing card pinatas and slot machine scene setters on the walls.

The table decor can include gold star centerpieces as well as black and red tablecloths and place settings.

For a Las Vegas style night-life effect, add plenty of glow products.

Costumes/Dress Attire

Show off your style with a fedora (gangster hat), diamond tiara, and boa.

Games & Activities

The central theme is friendly gambling- either for prizes or just for fun.

For the non-gambling type, include simple games like bingo and other popular card games.


Background music is generally mello, yet upbeat. If would like music to take more of a center-stage, consider including light jazz.

Food & Drink

Snack and finger foods are most popular, since they can be eaten while they are playing.

The best drinks include popular mixed drinks and beer. Be sure to have soda on hand for the non-alcoholic set as well as water for all.

Drinks should be served in fun light up martini glasses or beer mugs.


Purchase decks of cards and place an invitation inside. The decks can be mailed or hand-delivered to each recipient.

Model a bingo card and add your party information in each square.

You can also create you own theme by drawing party poker theme ideas such as dice, playing cards, and top hats. Red and black are the most used colors for a casino night theme party.

Going All Out...

Hire a local company to put on your event- complete with dealers to teach guests how to play.

Have a silent auction going on at the same time so that non-gamblers can also enjoy.

I hope this helps spark some fun ideas for your upcoming party poker theme night. Happy high rollin'!

Party Poker Theme page

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