Pajama Party Ideas

Pajama party ideas are great for kids as long as they and the host parents don’t mind a lack of sleep! The best way to go about it is to have lots of activities for the day of the party to tire the kids out so they can lie down and chat all night. A movie with the lights out is also a way to keep kids quiet and let them get some rest.

Activities during the day can be hiking, swimming, tobogganing or skating. After the activities, it is time for dinner a dinner enjoyed by most kids. Pizza, veggies and dip, pop, juice and maybe fruit and cookies are all good food ideas for such a party.

After dinner, kids can entertain each other by having makeovers and doing each other’s hair. Board games or making a craft is another idea that most kids will like. After they have played the games and made a craft, it’s time to get to get into jammies and watch the movie. Popcorn and chips are great with the start of the movie. Towards the end you might consider milk and cookies.

If you find that the kids are getting too loud sometime after the movie, pick out a short story and read it out to them. Another thing that will sometimes work is finding a story with enough pages for everyone to read at least one page. Everyone must do their best to give voices to the characters and the narration. One’s own voice should not be heard in this case. The one who everyone votes on as the funniest as well as the best could be given a small teddy bear or other stuffed animal.

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