Painting Party and Art Party Theme

by Disnie

The invitations: Mini easles with a poem about the Birthday honoree and the Art of Creation that she was.

The dress :Casual.

When people entered the party they were handed white paper painters overalls painted with the birthday persons age on the front They were to put these on before entering the party.

The tables were elegantly set up rounds of 8.The center pieces on each table was a silver large paint can filled with french tulips.

The room was set up with big easles with canvases.Approximately 8.

There were big painters ladders set up between two canvases with small cans of colorful paints on them and paint brushes.Enough for everyone to use.

Each table was assigned a canvas(which were names of famous artists, as was each table... (Miro,Picasso etc.).Guests were given the artists name of which table they would be sitting at when they arrived.

Every table went to their designated canvas to paint a picture.The Birthday Honoree was the art critic and picked the winner, after saying something about each piece.

The winners were given mini artist kits from toys r us. Everyone at each table got together and wrote a colorful song to be sung to the Birthday person.

Dinner was a first class five course dinner with wine pairing. We had live music and dancing and it was a blast!

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