Oscar Party

by Teri
(Sacramento, CA)

I have had an Oscar party for several years and my friends love it.

Each year I send out the same invite just updated and a ballot telling my guests that there will be prizes for the most correct picks. I also do one trivia game like famous Oscar quotes or songs. etc.

I have a projector so my screen for viewing is movie theatre size. I suggest you rent one if you like for this event then show on a white wall.

I use red carpet runners that I bought at Ikea on my walkway and all quest are provided with boas , top hats and sunglasses when they arrive and at the door where my "Oscar" fullsize cutout is located to take photogs with.

I decorate my home with silver gold and black and have silver stars with famous peoples names on them scattered around the house, on cabinets, mirrors , windows etc. I use cardboard stars in gold, silver and black as decoration on doors and windows and walls as well. Each year i collect a movie poster or order one from the Oscar website to make it more movie like.

The theme is "Old Hollywood" so my guests actually wait all year so they can also put together their costume and I give a prize for that. What creative minds can come up with!

Food is simple but elegant and the table looks is the gathering spot for everyone. I always serve champagne or sparkling cider in great classes.

At the end of the evening all guests receive a gift bag as they leave. My guests love this!!!! Each year it is a surprise. Nothing over the top, inexpensive items .. I have put in candy, micowave
popcorn, 1.00 DVDs , little mirrors or compacts, picture frames etc, notepads, etc. Use your imagination. This year I am making "Boa" pens with the flume at the top and some floral tape to secure it to a Bic pen.

For the big winners costumes , right pics, trivia I always give mini Oscars and things like movie tix, DVD's , BOAS, etc.

It is always fun.

PS I never invite more than 25 people and encourage no talking during the show.. only commercials so everyone can enjoy the show!

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