Olympics Theme Party

Welcome to our Olympics Theme Party page.

If you are looking to host an Olympic games party that is sure to go over well, check out the tried-and-true party ideas below. See below for fun party recipes and party drink ideas, as well as printable party invitations.

Celebrate with a Olympics theme party!

As guests arrive, have an opening ceremony with lighting tiki torches (if outdoors) or candles. Give each guest an international flag to get a fun and friendly competitive spirit going.


  • Use colored hula hoops to recreate the five rings in the Olympics emblem.
  • Use lots of paper streamers with blue & white patriotic colors.
  • Create wreaths from olive branches and decorate throughout the room.

See the Olympics Decorating Kit for all the needed decorations and supplies.

Costumes/Dress Attire

Encourage guests to come dressed in their favorite event's attire- such as goggles and boot for Alpine skiing.


Create invitations with the Olympic five rings symbol, or go event specific- skis, skating, luge, etc.

Food & Drink

There are several different food themes you can choose from for an Olympics party.

You can choose Greek food to reflect the origin of the Olympics.

Or go with a traditional "All-American" patriotic theme with all comfort food right down to the apple pie!

Whatever theme you choose, a cake with the five rings Olympic emblem is a nice centerpiece.


Play patriotic music or Olympics theme music, such as from Chariots of Fire.

Activity Ideas

If you have an active group, consider having your own mock-Olympic events.

  • Play shuffleboard inspired by this Winter Olympics event.
  • Biathlon curling- Have contests for who can throw snowballs the farthest (or water balloons, etc).
  • Luge- Go to a local hill in your neighborhood and have toboggans on hand for group races!
  • Snowboard event- Kneel on plastic sleds (while holding the rope) and see who can hold on the longest!
  • Ice hockey- Have fun games of street hockey.
  • Speed skating- Northerners can find a local pond for ice skating, although roller skating/roller blading works great too!
  • Hand off the Olympic torch in a relay race.
  • For a quieter activity, have a ballot box and have guests guess the event winners.

Give out gold medals and ribbons as prizes.

I hope the Olympic theme party page helped spark some fun ideas for your upcoming celebration!

Olympics Theme Party Page

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