Nerd Night

Nerds Of All Nerds

Nerds Of All Nerds

Every summer we go on a houseboat for a week to Lake Powell. We do 3 theme party nights. My favorite was the nerd night we did. Everyone dressed up as "nerds" and we played goofy games.

One of the halarious games that we played was the potato game. You drop a whole potato in one leg of a full sized nylon. Tie the nylon around your waist so that the potato hangs down in between your legs just about 4 or 5 inches off of the floor.

Lay another potato on the floor on a starting line marked by a piece of masking tape. Mark another line of making tape about 6 feet away. That is your stopping point.

Move those hips getting the potato to swing in the nylon and hit the potato on the floor getting it to move over the finish line. Compete against other nerds. It is hilarious to watch the nerds move their hips!

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