Finding Nemo Party Ideas

Finding Nemo is all about adventure!

A Finding Nemo party is just the thing to keep that adventure going. Kids and adults “reel” over this little guy every time.

What better way to invite guests to a Finding Nemo party than with a homemade net-shaped card with a little, plastic, hand-painted fish hanging from a hook inside it?

The fish, hand-painted and containing a number on the bottom, is a ticket into the party. Once the guests arrive, they drop the fish into an empty fishbowl by the door. This is for a later activity.

The décor of the party is bound to be “fishy.” Fish of all sizes and colors, made of cardboard, wax paper, and tinfoil, stuffed, hang all over, amidst fish-netting draped about. This makes a great “motion in the ocean” for any Finding Nemo party.

See the Finding Nemo Party Decorating Kit for all the needed supplies.

Guests bring their own fish gear, from fishing poles to their favorite Finding Nemo outfits. You can even hand out something homemade, of your own choice, for your guests to wear. A Finding Nemo soundtrack CD adds sounds to the “motion in the ocean” environment to bring spirit and cheer to the scene.

As for food, there is only one appropriate dish: fish! Battered fish strips serve as a fine treat for the kids, sided by seafood pasta. A mighty Nemo fish-shaped cake tops it off for dessert. If you wish, you could make up a display tray for the adults, containing shrimp cocktail, small crab legs, and other samples of seafood. The sea’s the limit!

Finding Nemo Party Game & Activities

Finding Nemo
You or your spouse can hide a plush Nemo before the party, and the kids look for it, just as Nemo’s father did in the movie. Whichever kid finds him gets to keep him and wins a Finding Nemo prize!

Fishbowl Activities
Remember those plastic fish dropped in the fishbowl by the door when the guests arrived? You or your birthday child stirs them, picks one at a time, and reads the number on the bottom. Whichever guest has the corresponding number written in their invitation wins a Finding Nemo prize. This starts at either seventh, fifth, fourth, or third prize and descends to the great Finding Nemo grand prize!

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