My Freaky Idea: A Desperate Housewives Holiday Party!

Recently, I came up with the greatest idea for a holiday party, or so I thought at 3 a.m when it popped into my head.

Here's how to make my Christmas holiday party sizzle: Turn it into a 'Desperate Housewives' party filled with all sorts of minutia from the series, and typical characterizations around the holidays. Isn't that a great idea? Or just a touch crazy?

Yes, I know the show is no longer producing new episodes, but repeats on cable and the Internet are an amazing thing!

Traditional Holidays

Typical Christmas parties are usually set up to be soooo traditional. You know, you start with a party invitation, one emblazoned with a wreath or a sleigh on it.

Of course, they're not all traditional looking; I've seen some clever Minted holiday cards that you can use on cool friends.

Then, You have your traditional finger foods and holiday bowl drinks for your guests. Why? Why must it always be this way?

Lastly, everyone usually comes dressed in reds and greens as if we're one colorful alien race. It's just not my style, I'm so over traditional Christmas, so that's why I think dressing up like Susan Mayer on Wisteria Lane would be wickedly delightful.

Spicing it Up With Desperate Housewives

And if i can't convince my friends to come dressed as their favorite "Desperate Housewives" character, maybe we could get life-sized cardboard cutouts of the ladies and place them strategically around the food and drink areas.

Can you imagine resurrecting Edie Williams (or Britt, whichever you like) to watch over your man friends at the holiday party?

Naturally, I want this party to also be the best blowout in my neighborhood.

So I turn to the most desperate of all housewives, that Doyenne of Darkness herself - Martha Stewart - to share with us her entertaining holiday tips.

Of course, I will tweak all of these traditional ideas with my own sexy, naughty, drama-filled soap opera spin! It will be magnificent! LOL.

Here are tips to take into consideration, but then tweak for your favorite holiday party idea!

Stress-Free Cocktail Party

Martha recommends easy appetizers that you make beforehand and keep in the freezer until party time! Some of the yummy suggestions include; Ham-and-cheese pastries are based on a French classic; wasabi-flavored crab cakes have a Japanese influence; Mushroom-Polenta Diamonds rely on traditional Mediterranean ingredients; and Sweet Chicken Bisteeya's are Moroccan specialties.

Dare to Decorate

Sure, your place is a gorgeous home or other living space, but think of how your “Desperate Housewives-loving friends” get a look at your decorations that make the place look like Wisteria Lane, a street where the lawns are green, the houses are pretty, the people are nice... and the secrets are deadly? Awesome, right?

Martha suggests displaying your decorating touches in small areas, instead of one large centerpiece.

Fancy up your plates, tidy up your table, do what Lynette Scavo might do!

Activities: Go Like Gaby!

Gaby ended up leaving Wisteria Lane and heading to California when the series ended.

Maybe you can dream with your friends and come up with a photo-video collage to show the places you all want to be in the coming year. What a fantasy trip that might be for your friends.

Share gifts, drink champagne and toast to new adventures, desperate housewives style!