my 13th birthday..

by amy

For my 13th birthday party..
i am having a red carpet all down my drive,at the end i will have a gazebo with a buffet,choclate fountain,cocktails,ferroro rochet pyramid underneath,we will all eat from the buffet.Then we will have a hired professional make-up artist to do all of our makeups before,the hired photographer will take pictures of me and my friends on the red carpet. We will go inside and open my prestents all together. We will all decide on what tunes to put on grooveshark then we will all dance in the garden. We will come back in with the chocolate fountain, and eat some more with strawberries and picks. We will watch a film,then when the film is finishe we will take the flying lanterns outside and set them off to finish the nigh,before returning inside and choosing another film,then afterwards we will go on the computers+laptops and gossip like us girliez do:-)!

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