Music Party Theme

Focusing a gathering around a music party theme is a natural and fun way to throw a party. Most parties use music anyway, so why not make it a focal point of the party?

You can focus on a particular genre of music, or expose your guests to a wide range of musical tastes by highlighting lesser-known artists. Or perhaps you want to focus on music from around the world. Whatever your approach, music is a great way to bring people together.

Use your main theme to guide you in your decoration and food choices. For example, if you are doing music from around the world, you can find a variety of posters and books (from the library to save money, or from your own collection) to spread around the room. You can make flags from each country out of card stock or poster board.

For a low cost, you can copy pictures of traditional musical instruments to display for each region's area in the room as well. Couple this with some sample foods from the area and you're ready to go!

If you're playing a certain type of music, work to make your overall atmosphere compliment the music. For example, a music party theme focusing on classical music lends itself to elegant appetizers, while a party to hear the latest rock band might do better with chips and dip.

Depending on your budget and where you live, you may be able to find local musicians skilled in the type of music you want to showcase. This can be expensive, but live music is always an exciting treat for guests. Another option is to rent or locate musical instruments from the area to show your guests and, depending on circumstances, allow them to try playing. If there is a local college or university, contact the music department to see if any professors do this type of presentation.

Use music-themed invitations, or ones that show the region or instrument you're focusing on. Consider inviting guests to bring favorite CDs of the type of music, or to bring instruments if they're musicians.

There are many ways to approach a music party. Whichever you choose, your guests are sure to learn a little and have a lot of fun.

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