Murder Mystery

by Caitlin Mac Donald
(New Jersey)

I had a 13th birthday party and I had 70 people there. I had clues all hidden in a big room that no one could find. I hired actors to play out parts (a butler, a cook, a mom, a sister, a detective, and a enployee.) No one ever broke their character in front of my friends.... I had a game where there were 3 teams and everyone had to look for pieces to make up a puzzle but everyone's puzzles were different colors. Another game you had to seperate M&M colors by their color without talking at all. Another game your whole team had to decorate a table but could only take one item on a tray at a time, and only one person could go up at a time....whatever team finished first wins...Then another game you had to put on an outfit then take it off then run to the line and the next team mate goes. My party was decorated with dead roses red candles etc. I had the best cake that looked like it was made out of blood and then another cake that looked like a finger print. The very last game my family planned so I had to follow clues with all my friends watching me. At the end I found my present which was tickets to a broadway show. Best party I have ever had along with the best theme.!!!

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