Murder Mystery Evening

by Johan Lamprecht
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

A few friends were invited to a murder mystery evening. We were asked to all dress up for a part we will be playing. It was so much fun! The evening was set on a train, and we all had a part to play. Everyone dressed up, and after a while, people had accents and a new personality as well. Everyone was really getting into caracter. I laughed so much because one of the guests kept on speaking with his accent after the party was over. He did not even realise. The best part was when everyone was supicious of everyone else, and you could see people looking at each other with suspicion. Although we did not all know each other, we left that evening as if we were best friends, exchanging telephone numbers and making plans for another party.

Another fun part for the evening was the "prize giving". There were prizes for the best dressed, best actor, best actress, worst actor, worst actress and there was a surprise for the "murderer". My friend who organised the evening had small but cute prizes, and we all voted to make it fair. The person with the most votes, won the prize.

It was an evening which was filled with laughter, lots of wine, and great fun. I will definately do it again!

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