Make Me Over Party (ANTM inspired party)

by bunny garing

I love this party because it's just perfect. My niece had her 14th birthday party and her mom decided to have a small party for her. Instead of spending so much money for the party she asked her daughter to bring in her 10 closest friends.

On the day of the party, her mom hired a photographer who is a friend and got a salon personnel to pamper the kids. She also asked the kids to bring in their coolest and trendiest attire atleast 3 sets.

Then the party went on. It was like a dream come true for the girls, there were a little make over then some make ups then dressing up and the final stop was the photoshoot (take note with lights and special effects). I would like to join the party then, but I was too old for it! But everybody enjoyed the party.

It was a good one. For souvenirs, her mom printed some of their best photos to take it with them.

Now that's what you call a party.

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